Nordic Folk Drummer

“Jens Linell is one of the most folk-sensitive and lyrical drummers around” - Fiona Talkington, Songlines

"There is something about Jens Linell's drumming that offers a key to the whole. It's the sort of playing that's so right you may not even notice it behind the melodic invention of his bandmates" - Oz Hardwik, RnR Magazine

Jens Linell

Jens Linell stands tall among the foremost percussionists in the vibrant Nordic folk music realm. With a deep-seated commitment to crafting melodies on drums, he seamlessly weaves influences from jazz, rock, and free improvised music into his artistry.

"I aim to transcend the traditional drummer role, becoming a melody follower wherever it leads," Jens shares passionately.

A distinctive aspect of Jens's style is his preference for hand-played percussion, whether delicately caressing the snare or unleashing the full force of crashing cymbals. While rooted in punk-rock drumming, he embraces the versatility of the standard drum kit, infusing punk's raw energy into improvised and folk music settings.

Jens's musical journey has led him through varied landscapes, from touring the USA & Canada with SVER to gracing youth radio charts alongside Snakka San & SVER and captivating audiences at jazz festivals with Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. In addition to his collaborative work with renowned ensembles like SVER, Mæd Luggumt, GKN5, and Triller, Jens also mesmerizes audiences through solo performances, showcasing his boundless creativity and rhythmic mastery.