Here are some improvisations and trad tunes I've played during the years.



Albums: SVER (2007), Fruen (2010), Fryd (2015) & Reverie (2018).


SVER play epic Nordic folk music with relentless energy and seductive spark taking you on a fantastic musical journey guaranteed to excite you. Ranging from the very dreamy to a swinging, pounding and sweaty madness – you are invited to the party, greeted by a welcoming primal force that pulls you into the dance. Since the group’s inception, SVER has gone from strength to strength, playing extensively throughout Europe and the US, gaining a reputation as one of the most acclaimed live acts in the Nordic folk scene.

SVER’s latest album “Reverie” (2018) – their fourth release – arrives as they celebrate 10 years together as a quintet. Listen to these musicians as they gel and swing together in a way that’s seldom encountered. SVER has been described as “sounding electric without electricity”. “We want to bring Nordic music out to new audiences. The cool thing is that this is vibrant music. These are not museum pieces. It's a tradition that is alive, and SVER is very much part of that.”

Maed Luggumt is a folk music power-trio consisting of three of the most prominent folk musicians in the Nordic countries: Jens Linell, Erik Sollid & Erlend Viken (SVER, GKN5, Valkyrien Allstars, Erlend Viken Trio, Ugagn and others). The trio offers a musty, well-seasoned and organic musical soup made with different folk traditions in an improvisatory flow.

The five-stringed hardangerfiddles, octave violins, old drums, and a singing tambourine gives the trio a vast musical landscape to traverse. Without deciding what, when and how to play they take off into the Norwegian mountains, deep in the Swedish forests or chilling on a Brazilian beach. Playfully interwoven like a yarn seam of sounds, melodies, and sounds. No concert is the same, creating room for a sincere and deep presence in the space created by the music, for both the audience and the musicians.

Guro Kvifte Nesheim 5

Salve Austenå, b. 1927, d. 2019, was one of the oldest living sources of traditional music in Norway. He channels the Tovdal tradition as very few others can. A number of the dance tunes have a relationship with the musical heritage in the neighboring valley of Setesdal on the one hand, and Telemark on the other.

GKN5 originated from a desire to share the tunes from Salve Austenå and others, at the same time explore the possibilities of interaction where you retain as much as possible of the solo nature of playing the Hardanger fiddle.

Guro Kvifte Hesheim - Hardanger fiddle & Hardanger de Amore

Jens Linell - Tambourine & Stomp

Anna Malmström - Clarinets

Anna Gustavsson - Swedish Key Harp

Thomas Eriksson - Guitars

The Tambourine

The Tambourine - Solo children show

A musical story about a child that views the world through music: a tambourine is his first musical love. In an exciting telling, the child has to go through trials to learn more about music, himself, and the world around him. To play with a steadfast rhythm, to listen for the tiny beautiful sounds, to play with a groove that makes everything dance. Eventually, put all the ingredients together to make a big musical dinner for the music-eating dragon that keeps him from finding the way home.

Text: Kai Johnsen

Music & Acting: Jens Linell

In Swedish/Norwegian